Top Tips for Clearing Up Your Skin

Have you had signs of acne or even those dark spots under your eyes and you are just in your young years of 20? Well everyone at some point goes through this. Most people feel like they are under pressure to live up to higher expectations, with social media, and pictures being put up online, or even going so far as to find a filter that will take away every single blemish on your face.


Below there will be 101 skin cleaning tips for you because everyone at some point in their life does need help with this topic.


If you have scarring from acne or your skin is a different color in the area where your acne is, then you can use a chemical face peel that will actually take this away completely or make it a lot less noticeable.


Lower how much alcohol and dairy food you ingest and you will see a significant change in your breakouts every month that has been caused by your hormones.


If you sleep with a full face of makeup you need to quit as this can promote acne growth.

Fresh and lovely woman washing her face

Fresh and lovely woman washing her face

Too much sugar can make acne pop up, if you eat any kind of berries these will also lower your chance of having a ton of pimples popping out.


If you exercise for at least 15 minutes a day this will lower your chance also to have acne occur because the toxins are kept under control in your body and this, in turn, makes sure you have clean and much clearer skin.


Dark spot correctors only reduce your dark spots and other markings they do not completely go away. If you use SPF daily you will see that this is amazing for keep wrinkles gone and not letting dark spots break through on your face.


Whenever you decide you want to work out make sure you have cleaned and cleared your face of all makeup products. Makeup can actually close your pores and make breakouts a lot worse when sweat hits them.


Stay hydrated, if you are not hydrated you could be at risk for a breakout with your acne, this is because when you are dehydrated your body is trying to make a lot more oils because when skin is at a certain level of dryness your body kicks into a mode where it tries to make more oil and more than what initially should be made, and this actually can cause worse breakouts also, Drink enough water daily.


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If you realize you have a pimple forming make sure right away to start using some kind of spot acne treatment similar to clinique acne solutions spot healing gel. This will usually make a pimple disappear within 12 hours max.


If you use products for acne that have grapefruit in their makeup you are in luck because grapefruits have so many antioxidants inside the, which actually cleans your skin and keeps the skin feeling fresh.


If you have acne you want to lose make sure you are keeping your face clean of your sweat and when you bathe use soaps that have salicylic acid in the makeup of it also so you do not clog pores.


When popping a pimple inside your own home you need to first make sure you wash your hands and sterilize some sort of needle with rubbing alcohol, after this, you will easily and slightly just place the needle in the tip of a pimple, just so you know you have broken through the skin. Grab a q-tip and push on each side of a pimple until you know you have removed everything inside of it. Place a band-aid over a pimple until it has healed.


You should replace pillowcases weekly because when you sleep whatever oils sit in your hair will actually be placed into your pillowcase and can get also into your skin on your face.


Rosewater helps with redness in your skin and also if you have irritation going on. This is a balancing and soothing agent.


Stop smoking if you smoke because smoking actually makes you seem blotchy in skin appearance along with giving you wrinkles.


Do not pick and pull at any acne you have because whatever oil or even dirt and bacteria you have on your fingers can actually lead to an infection and ultimately leave a scar.


Be advised if you use a jar instead of a tube you can actually keep placing bacterias inside of the jar which could go right back to your face every time. If you have to use a jar apply the remedy with a cotton ball.


Do you have an old tube of benzoyl peroxide products? If so throw them out they only last for so long after you open them.


When you stress out you can tell by looking at your skin. Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer actually helps you lower the redness in your skin tone and signs of aging also.
When you have tried all the tips you can receive that are out there and your skin still has not met your standards make an appointment with your skin doctor when you can figure out a more aggressive route to take.