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1 août A l’intention des Cadres Administratifs de l’IG/PNC JUSTICE ET INJUSTICE FACE A LA REGLE DE DROIT. .. Cour Suprême de Justice. COMMERCIALE ET ADMINISTRATIVE (LOI N° DU 21 4°) devant la Cour suprême la représentation des parties est exclusivement assurée par les avocats. ARTICLE 21 les individus privés du droit de témoigner en justice ;. Droit administratif général: Le Contrôle juridictionnel de l’Administration -. Tome 3 Le processus de la décentralisation en Côte d’Ivoire d’hier à aujourd’hui ;.

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It alone votes on the law. In applying the corporate law, economic agents have the ability to submit contractual disputes to the arbitrage procedure. In that sense cours de droit administratif ivoirien Appeal council of Djibouti, a former French colony, has judged that the whole customary legislation of the mother country was applicable without any special measure of extension.

Les illusions perdues de l’économie ivoirienne et la crise politique |

It was mainly a question of laws dating from the period of validity of the French constitution in Year III, legislation applied to acts or contracts in colonies, metropolitan law which followed the French people outside of the mother country, constitutional laws, ivoidien treatises, old laws, interpretative laws, and general laws. These laws have been made applicable to the principle of legislative specialty, which was the criterion which determined the applicability of colonial legislation.

For example, it is admitted in this agreement cours de droit administratif ivoirien the political parties are admministratif the only political constitutional forces competent to contribute to suffrage. The Ivorian legal system includes, from an institutional point of view, a government, a national Assembly, and a judiciary. They are held at each first instance Court.

The Ivorian legal system is based on the Constitution, a one-sided act, by-product of the will of the State from which cours de droit administratif ivoirien derived the entire Ivorian system of laws, as well as rights for all inhabitants and other legal subjects.

Accueil الإستقبال

They are eligible for reelection indefinitely. Moreover the candidate must be Ivorian by origin, with father and mother Cours de droit administratif ivoirien by origin courx well. Applicable full right laws were grouped into several categories by P.


These functions of these three branches are articulated depending on the political regime adopted by a given State.

Cours de droit administratif ivoirien effect of this modification was to suppress the disciplinary power of the Ministry of justice by submitting the judges of the public ministry to the common discipline regime of the judges of the seat. Where Do We Stand? One cannot violate the public order and good customary laws.

Constitution de Côte d’Ivoire du 8 novembre 2016

See Sirey,2, p But in a system of uniqueness of jurisdiction it is difficult to see the development of administrative law that is by nature the law of the public power. For instance, the reforms did not cours de droit administratif ivoirien at significantly reducing poverty. Darest in his treaty of colonial law of The more general texts, as mentioned above, driot a category of laws that are fully applicable without requiring a special measure of extension to overseas territories.

This second deliberation cannot be refused to him. The nation is organized into non-permanent jurisdictions, permanent jurisdictions, and arbitral jurisdictions. The other ministers must transfer to the Minister of foreign affairs the text on a treaty when they have participated in its elaboration or renunciation, immediately after the signature or adoption, regardless of ifoirien importance and character of the text.

There first stage was the colonial period, during which the system was cours de droit administratif ivoirien on the French constitutional administratir the second stage began during decolonization, with the adoption of an autonomous legal system.

It was chosen in order to simplify procedures. As indicated by Lampue, theses texts are those cours de droit administratif ivoirien, outside the constitution, organize the government, set general competency rules for public power, and set the functioning conditions of central organs whose actions impact the whole state.

Individuals are sent to the Court of Sat after being indicted by the Court of Appeal, which is the second degree instruction admknistratif.

The CCJA has here the role to appoint and doit the arbitrators selected among the parties, to follow the progress of the arbitral instance, to examine cours de droit administratif ivoirien verdict projects and to decide on the exequatur of the verdict. The text is also published in daily press and is subject to 3 radio diffusion announcements.


Despite having acceded to French community membership inCI became independent on August 7, It is also a consultative and notice organ.


To the south is the Atlantic Ocean, a main road for trade with the rest of the world. The Ivorian juridical system has been materially enhanced over time, as all the judicial structures set out in Article 71 of the Constitution are subject to change through legislation.

The Linas Marcousis agreement was the primary such arrangement, which is a political agreement that confirms the constitutional principles of the Ivorian state organization and also modifies in few points some constitutional disputes. The only one possibility for the National Assembly to challenge the power of the President of Republic is through the High treason hypothesis. This corpus, partially from colonial origin, is uvoirien of texts promulgated by the colonial government either cours de droit administratif ivoirien the Ivorian territory or in relation to ds.

The chief of the executive serves also as an embodiment of national unity, [32] chief of the administration, [33] and supreme chief of armies, [34] as well as guarantor of the independence of the judiciary. Administratlf Functioning of the Ivorian Legal System. The Ivorian presidential system is affected by the conditions of designation of the actual Prime Minister. The President of the Republic also has the power to legislate by ordinance [41] within the domain reserved to the National Assembly and to initiate referenda.

It is the judge of national elections presidential, legislative cours de droit administratif ivoirien referendum. In spite of the various adaptations, this second stage of development of the legal system was marked by the renewal of the general principles cours de droit administratif ivoirien the colonial system.